remoteFOCUS is an initiative that seeks to change the way governments govern, administer and engage with remote Australia.

remoteFOCUS has established through extensive research and community consultation that the way governments work in remote Australia contributes to the escalating challenges faced by its citizens.

Since 2008, remoteFOCUS has been working to develop alternative approaches, as outlined in a major report, 'Fixing the Hole in Australia’s Heartland', launched on 10 September 2012 at Parliament House, Canberra.


Fixing the Hole in Australia's Heartland

New approaches and new commitment are urgently needed in remote Australia. With so much of our country's wealth generated there, so much national and international attention on the dysfunctions experienced by some of our most vulnerable citizens, and so much at stake, more of the same - or working harder on and inherently perpetuating the old 'solutions' - is not an option.

remoteFOCUS calls for significant changes to the way governments work to help create a harmonious, sustainable and prosperous future for remote Australia.

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