The 2013 Alice Springs Desert Leadership Program builds on the success and lessons of the prototype 2010-11 program and the success of its sister program,  the Alice Springs Youth Desert Leadership Program.

Here are what some of our past participants have had to say about the program:

“The strong relationships I’ve developed within the network of other like-minded professionals in the program have been invaluable. The people involved in the program from the guest speakers, the mentors, the facilitators and especially the other participants have continually inspired me to step to the leadership challenge.” 

Jade Kudrenko

"A small investment now will reward a HUGE return for
the future for central Australia"

Joe Clarke


“I have learnt how to be an adaptive leader and apply myself dependent on the environment and situation. The impact that the program has had on me is immense.”

Donna Lemon


“I have had the opportunity to get to know a range of people far better and this has helped me to have a much broader understanding of decision making, ideas and values that exist in the broader community. This concept is of benefit for any community where diverse standpoints and deep passions exist with a common theme for real and lasting change.”

Sam Osborne

Click here to view the full Program Impact Report for the 2010 - 2011 Alice Springs Desert Leadership Program.