Unlocking regional potential

You may recently have seen the front page Advocate headline “Poor Alice” by Katie Weiss (August 23) and the article “Economy one of the poorest”. The data for this article was drawn from the Regional Australia Institute’s recently released online tool called [In]Sight: the nation’s first regional competitiveness index.

[In]Sight enables regions to unlock their competitiveness profile; to understand what the key drivers of economic growth are, or where further investment may be needed.

“The creation of [In]Sight is one step forward to ensuring sustainable growth in our regions. But to become positive action, data needs to merge with local knowledge to identify where we want to go, and how we can get there. Working together, we want regions to lead and shape their futures,” said Su McCluskey, CEO of the Regional
Australia Institute.

Ms McCluskey was in Alice Springs on Monday 9 September working with Desert Knowledge Australia to bring together some key Alice Springs representatives for a roundtable discussion.

“At the roundtable discussion we were able to hear about perspectives and identify pathways to future success to regional and economic development,” Ms McCluskey said.

The hard data available through [In]Sight, and ease of comparison with other regions means that comparative advantages can be identified and real challenges can be highlighted based on evidence and not perception.

“Desert Knowledge Australia is really pleased to be working with the Regional Australia Institute, and to have been able to invite people to attend such a productive roundtable discussion,” said John Huigen, CEO of Desert Knowledge Australia.

Through its remote FOCUS program Desert Knowledge Australia is continuing to press for change in how governments engage with remote Australia. The Regional Australia Institute works to change the policy landscape that shapes how regions grow and can respond.

“Desert Knowledge Australia is committed to giving remote Australia a voice in a way that can create change – events such as these allow deeper conversations to occur. This workshop will help to feed the remote Australian voice into these important initiatives but also gave people who attended hard data and new perspectives on how Central Australia compares to other regional areas,” Mr Huigen said.

For more information:
[In]Sight www.regionalaustralia.org.au/research-policy/insight/

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