Looking at ways to work better, together in central Australia

Non-Government organisations, the business sector, government and the wider community all need to work together better in developing new ways to tackle core issues that challenge central Australia.

This is according to the Grant Seekers Network, facilitated by the Northern Territory Council of Social Service (NTCOSS) and Desert Knowledge Australia (DKA).

The Grant Seekers Network is presenting a workshop later this month focusing on ‘collective impact’ - an internationally recognised and emerging approach to building sustainable and effective change and impact.

The full day workshop on Wednesday 28 November called Exploring Collective Impact and Funding Opportunities will focus on how individual and collaborative groups can have more impact by working together in specific, measurable ways.

It will focus on approaches to tackling complex problems, building effectiveness, getting a better return on investment and creating new ways of working together – problems that are common across all sectors and organisations, according to Desert Knowledge Australia CEO John Huigen.

Susan Black, Manager, Development at Social Ventures Australia and Alexandra Gartmann, CEO of the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal will be the guest speakers at the workshop.

Jonathan Pilbrow, Senior Policy Officer for NTCOSS, in Central Australia said the speakers would bring a national and international perspective on activating change and impact in central Australia.

“The NGO sector is committed to creating better solutions, but competing demands on a day-to-day basis for frontline services often doesn’t leave much room for big picture issues,” he said. “New ways to collaborate and explore collective responses with a wide range of stakeholders on major social issues is to be welcomed.”

Desert Knowledge Australia CEO, John Huigen agrees. “This cannot be just about the NGO sector, it needs to include business, government and the wider community. This affects all of us. Innovation is about developing new ways to tackle tough problems.”

Mr Huigen encouraged people to come to the workshop which would also assist participants with information about funding opportunities.

“Investment from the philanthropic sector encourages collaboration and innovation – the two critical elements to activating change in a complex environment,” he said.

For more information about the event phone 08 8959 6020 or click here.

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