Investment in Desert Knowledge continues

This week marks major milestones in the growth of Desert Knowledge with both the official opening of the CSIRO’s Alice Springs headquarters and the launch of the Cooperative Research Centre for Remote Economic Participation (CRC REP) at the Desert Knowledge Precinct.

Desert Knowledge Australia CEO, John Huigen said “We congratulate both organisations on these significant events and are thrilled with the ongoing commitment to the Desert Knowledge movement and the Desert Knowledge Precinct.”

“The new CSIRO building at the Desert Knowledge Precinct represents a $3 million investment and demonstrates that Australia’s largest research organisation sees value in Desert Knowledge and building a sustainable future for desert Australia.”

“We are also very pleased to be an essential partner to the CRC and look forward to working to increase economic participation and help build the economy of the desert and remote Australia" he said.

The CRC REP will have a major focus on delivering solutions to economic disadvantage in remote Australia, aligning with Desert Knowledge Australia's vision. Desert Knowledge Australia was deeply invested in helping to secure the original Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre, a major initiative of the early Desert Knowledge movement. The CRC REP grew out of the Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Centre.

The Desert Knowledge Precinct brings together a range of organisations on one purpose-built site. The Precinct aims to connect western and Aboriginal knowledge and perspectives, and build a critical mass of collaborating institutions to understand and improve the social, environmental and economic circumstances of the desert region. Desert Knowledge Australia is responsible for the development and management of the Desert Knowledge Precinct including securing investment.

Desert Knowledge Australia is a national organisation that identifies key local and national projects that contribute to a social, economic and environmentally sustainable future for desert Australia.

Desert Knowledge is the know-how, ideas and innovations of people to meet the challenges of living and thriving in remote, outback, distant and desert places. The term ‘Desert’ emphasises the challenge of these places – it isn’t about rainfall, it’s about scarcity, sparse and patchy populations, distance from markets and decision-making, unpredictability and lack of critical mass.

Media contact: Rebecca Farrell, 0418 210 981