Desert Knowledge Australia hosts Social Inclusion Board

This week Desert Knowledge Australia played host to the Australian Social Inclusion Board in Alice Springs. The Board conducted their board meeting at the Desert Knowledge Precinct and took part in a Community Leadership Forum with participants in the Alice Springs Desert Leadership Program.

The Australian Social Inclusion Board is the main advisory body to the Australian Government on ways to achieve better outcomes for the most disadvantaged in our community and to improve the social inclusion in society as a whole.

"The Australian Government's vision for social inclusion links back to a key underlying aim of Desert Knowledge Australia, to help build harmonious and inclusive desert communities"

"A major objective of one of our key projects, the Alice Springs Desert Leadership Program is to address social issues that are affecting Alice Springs, and these are the same issues the Social Inclusion Board is tasked with addressing" said John Huigen, CEO Desert Knowledge Australia.

"This forum was a fantastic opportunity for the Desert Leadership participants to discuss issues affecting our community at a national level" said John Rawnsley, Leadership Development Manager Desert Knowledge Australia.
"One challenge of leading in the desert and in Alice Springs is connecting and networking with leaders in positions of influence, often from the coast or across Australia. This event helped meet this challenge" he said.

Monsignor David Cappo, Deputy Chair of the Australian Social Inclusion Board said "We came to Alice Springs to learn more about the local issues and the work of various organisations to provide better support to vulnerable people in the community. We were pleased to come to meet with, and hear from a range of people during our visit, including the Desert Leadership group. Desert and remote Australia faces many social inclusion challenges and the Board appreciates the insight of the community"

"All members of the Board were deeply impressed by the quality of agencies and organisations providing services to vulnerable people in Alice Springs and the Northern Territory."

Social inclusion is about making sure everyone has the same opportunities to learn, to work, to be involved with their community and to speak out about things that are important to them.

Current members of the Australian Social Inclusion Board are:
Ms Patricia Faulkner AO (Chair)
Ms Kerry Graham
Monsignor David Cappo (Vice Chair)
Mr Eddie McGuire
Ms Elleni Bereded-Samuel
Mr Tony Nicholson
Dr Ngiare Brown
Dr Chris Sarra
Dr Ron Edwards
Professor Fiona Stanley
Professor Tony Vinson
Dr John Falzon
Ms Linda White

Media contact: Rebecca Farrell, 0418 210 981