Welcome to Desert Knowledge Australia

Desert Knowledge Australia (DKA) is a statutory corporation of the NT Government, established 'to encourage and facilitate learning, research and sustainable economic and social development relating to desert and arid lands...' (Desert Knowledge Australia Act 2003). DKA manages the Desert Knowledge Precinct in Alice Springs, and works across sectors and borders to help build resilient desert communities and to promote investment and development in desert Australia.

Our activities in 2016 are defined by six strategic focus areas:

1. Energy

Establish an Energy Hub and Centre of Excellence to develop an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to achieving measurable improvements in the technology, supply and distribution of isolated and remote power systems.

2. Desert Knowledge Precinct

Continue to build the Precinct as a hub for people and organisations with expertise relevant to desert regions, fostering innovation in social and economic development and intercultural learning.

3. Intercultural Leadership Programs

Develop intercultural leadership programs with people living and working remotely as a contribution to more productive and sustainable futures for desert communities.

4. Strengthening Engagement with Governments

Facilitate the trial and development of approaches that will strengthen engagement, governance and interaction between Government structures, desert communities and regional centres.

5. Facilitation and Collaboration

Provide diverse, cross-cultural and rigorous facilitation services to collaborating organisations and programs to maximise delivery on decision making and action.

6. Desert Knowledge Foundation

Develop the not-for-profit Desert Knowledge Foundation to use its Deductible Gift Recipient status and research focus to help achieve our objectives in strengthening the desert knowledge economy.

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