Desert Knowledge Australia is a national organisation undertaking key activities to contribute to a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable future for desert Australia.

In 2013/14, a strategic review of DKA was conducted on behalf of the Northern Territory Government.

The report found that DKA had delivered a rate of return of $19.90 for every $1 of operational funding invested by the NT Government.

A shift of DKA's strategic direction has seen the organisation establish plans to make a bold but realistic contribution to the future of people and places that we exist to serve. Desert Knowledge Australia is a statutory corporation of the Northern Territory Government established to improve harmony, sustainability and wealth creation in deserts and arid lands.

DKA works across sectors and borders to build collaboration for better ways to deal with key challenges and opportunities in desert and remote areas.

DKA has a key role in identification and analysis of development options, and the facilitation of partnerships to make them happen.

We manage the Desert Knowledge Precinct to foster innovation and learning, and to promote investment and development of desert Australia.

Our Vision

DKA will deliver a targeted program of work that will contribute to the building of a harmonious, sustainable and thriving desert knowledge economy among the people of Australia's desert regions.

Our Philosophy

Desert Knowledge Australia is underpinned by three primary themes.


Ensuring a quality of life that is in balance with the local and global environment and is ecologically, economically, culturally and socially sustainable.


Establishing processes that encourage effective engagement between western and indigenous cultures leading to shared economic and social advancement for all groups.

Wealth Creation:

Creating viable business and employment opportunities capable of supporting international competitive lifestyles for desert peoples.

What We Do

We enable people and organisations to achieve positive change by connecting strong people and organisations.