Welcome to Desert Knowledge Australia

Desert Knowledge Australia (DKA) is a statutory corporation of the NT, established with the mandate

'to encourage and facilitate learning, research and sustainable economic and social development relating to desert and arid lands...' Desert Knowledge Australia Act (2003).

DKA manages the Desert Knowledge Precinct in Alice Springs, and uses its mandate to create alliances across sectors and State and Territory borders that will strengthen the people, communities, businesses and governments of remote Australia.

DKA's Strategic Activities

Our directions in 2016-17 are defined by four strategic activities:

1. Developing the Desert Knowledge Precinct

Making the most of a centrally located, well-established and high-quality built and natural environment to promote collaborative ventures for the benefit of remote desert Australia.

2. Developing an Energy Hub

Creating a focal point for research, industry, government and non-government interests concerned with improving affordable power supplies to remote areas.

3. Intercultural Development and Collective Engagement

Improving intercultural and collective engagement practices for working with the complex concerns of remote people, their businesses, governments and communities.

4. Desert Knowledge Foundation

Extending the range of research and development options for encouraging investment in DKA's programs and contributing to social and economic sustainability in desert Australia.

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