About Desert Knowledge Australia

Desert Knowledge Australia (DKA) is a statutory corporation of the Northern Territory Government, established to improve harmony, sustainability and wealth creation in deserts and arid lands.
DKA works across sectors and borders to explore better ways of dealing with key challenges and opportunities in desert and remote areas, to foster innovation and learning, and to promote investment and development in desert Australia.

Our scope is narrowed into six strategic focus areas:

DKA’s goal is to create an integrated, multidisciplinary systems approach to overcoming critical barriers in order to advance energy technology, supply and distribution across the remote desert regions of Australia.

Desert Knowledge Precinct
The Precinct is a hub for complementary and like-minded organisations and businesses to be located together, working independently and in partnerships, to help each other achieve their goals. DKA aims to ensure the value of the Precinct is maximised.

Intercultural Leadership
A focus on leadership development within remote communities is a step towards a healthier, more productive and sustainable future for Aboriginal people living remotely on their homelands. DKA works to build appropriate leadership capacity in remote communities.

remoteFOCUS is a broad initiative endeavouring to build more effective engagement between government structures and regional centres, and improve governance structures and the level of governance capacity within desert regions.

Facilitation for Collaboration
DKA’s goal is to provide rigorous facilitation services to collaborative efforts that maximise delivery on decision making and action.

Desert Knowledge Foundation
It is a future goal for DKA to develop the Desert Knowledge Foundation to leverage its DGR status to achieve our objectives and provide a research component to our programs.

 Download the full Desert Knowledge Australia Strategic Plan