Youth Desert Leadership aims to address desert issues by:

  • Encouraging youth leaders to establish new partnerships, new conversations and methodologies of working together for their future and the future of Central Australia;
  • Enhancing youth leaders’ capacity to actively explore the inter-connection between and amongst their Aboriginal and other Australian backgrounds and how this shapes their environment;
  • Developing youth leaders’ individual skills including negotiation and networking, public speaking and presentation and development through exploring ethics and values;
  • Engaging youth leaders within their town to design and implement a community project by connecting a range of resources and opportunities;
  • Connecting youth leaders with other youth and senior leaders from across Australia to learn and share a broad range of contrasting styles and approaches.

This program is the result of a careful co-design process drawing on the ideas, strengths and creativity of teachers and principals from the four senior schools of Alice Springs and reflects a whole-of-town response to youth leadership development. The program serves to complement existing youth leadership programs within schools.