About Us

Desert Knowledge Australia identifies and develops key local and national programs, networks and partnerships that contribute to a better future for desert Australia.

Desert Knowledge Australia is a Statutory Corporation of the Northern Territory Government, with a national and international mandate.

Our Vision

A harmonious, sustainable and prosperous future for all Australia's desert people.

Our Purpose

To bring about change to sustain and enhance the lives and livelihoods of all Australia’s desert peoples.


Better social, business and change outcomes through access to information and know-how, and through collaboration and partnerships.


Innovation and development of approaches that change and improve how things are done.


Greater capacity of desert peoples and organisations to respond to challenges and create opportunities.

What we do

We enable people and organisations to achieve positive change by:

  • Connecting people and organisations and building collaborations for impact.
  • Innovating high impact change programs.
  • Growing desert capacity and voice.

To find out more read our Strategic Plan 2012 - 2017.